Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers & Preview: Hit VS Jiren (Updated)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111

Finally, the fight between Goku and Jiren happened, as well as the fact Goku unlocked his new transformation, which was sadly only temporary.  It seems Goku lost the battle but he did manage to put up a good fight against the Universe 11 Pride Trooper.

In episode 111 of Dragon Ball Super things will continue to be exciting, with this being the episode where arguably the third strongest fighter takes on Jiren. That means Hit from Universe 6 will attempt to take out the mortal who has quite possibly surpassed the powers of a God of Destruction.

Hit won’t be an easy opponent to take out at all, as his Time Skip might be able to confuse or force Jiren to leave himself open for attacks. However, Goku was able o beat Jiren in the past and Goku has become a lot stronger since that time. It is doubtful that Hit’s technique will work against the Universe 11 fighter, which seems evident in the preview for episode 111.

Jiren and Hit
Jiren and Hit

Jiren is an incredibly strong fighter and has left Goku in a near-death state, which has left him open for a sneak attack. With that said, this might be the opening Freeza needs to take out the Saiyan warrior, with the last few moments of episode 110 showcasing Freeza standing over Goku about to strike a fatal blow.

However, it is doubtful that Freeza will take out Goku, as beating him would mean that their universe would be almost finished. Freeza may not care about his universe but he does care about himself, which means he won’t want to be erased. Freeza giving his energy for Goku’s Spirit Bomb is an example of this and it is believed that Freeza will not attack Goku, instead Freeza will give him some power, as he said that this brings back memories of the two on Namek.

Freeza Giving Goku Energy
Freeza Giving Goku Energy

Freeza might be referring to the time Goku gave him power, which means Freeza might be giving Goku some of his strength. In addition, Vegeta will continue his fight against Ribrianne, with the Saiyan expected to take her out soon enough. However, until then you can watch the preview for episode 111 of Dragon Ball Super in the video below.

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