Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers: Goku’s New Transformation Name

Dragon Ball Super Episode 111

The upcoming fight between Goku and Jiren has been heavily publicised over the past few months, with fans eagerly awaiting to see the battle and the new transformation Goku will unlock. Until now there was little known about the form but Weekly Shonen Jumps has recently given fans another glimpse.

The magazine has now teased the name of the new form with fans salivating all over Twitter, as the manga pages were translated. “Goku This Week: will he be able to perfect “Mastery of Self-Movement”?! Goku has been injured head-to-toe by Jiren’s attack! However, immediately before going down, he starts to awaken to a new power called “Mastery of Self-Movement”! What could this be?!”

 Goku's new form
Goku’s new form

This means that the technique will be called “Mastery of Self-Movement,” which is completely different from the regular forms the Dragon Ball series has had so far. Normally it’s Super Saiyan Something but this is strange, which might mean that this form may not be something exclusive to the Saiyan’s. It’s possible that this iz the power up that the Angels or the Gods of Destruction’s use, which makes them so strong. Again, the reason we believe this is because there is no use of the word Saiyan in the name.

Goku is believed to be losing the fight against jiren in this upcoming battle, which will begin in episode 109 of Dragon Ball Super. Goku will be injured head-to-toe and will awaken this “Mastery of Self-Movement” just before going down to the Universe 11 fighter. This means that both Super Saiyan Blue mixed with KaioKen and the Spirit Bomb didn’t work on the Pride Trooper. This is going to truly be an exciting episode, which fans have been waiting for. However, this doesn’t mean the Tournament of Power is finishing, as there are still many great fighters remaining in the battle royal.

 Goku's new form
Goku’s new form

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