Can Frieza Ever Become A Good Guy?

Dragon Ball Super frieza

For those of you who are up to date with the Dragon Ball Super story, you are now watching Frieza compete in the Tournament of Power after he was resurrected; – again. This is a tournament of survival, with each universe who loses the battle royal being erased.

That’s why Goku decided to bring back Freiza and make a deal with the space tyrant. In this deal, Goku agreed to fully resurrect Freeza, as at the moment he is on a 24-hour deal, where he will return to hell after that. The only question that most fans have is will Goku actually do it? I mean it’s possible that Goku could fully resurrect Frieza and then the tyrant will immediately attack Goku and his friends. However, is it possible for Frieza to do the exact opposite.


So far Frieza has had a number of opportunities to betray Universe 7, however, he hasn’t. Now at the end of the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Frieza looked as if he was about to attack Goku after he lost to Jiren, although, we believe that he will instead give Goku some of his Ki.

If Frieza continues to not betray Universe 7 and is resurrected after the tournament, could he remain loyal to Goku and his friends? Honestly, I doubt it. I mean yes, Vegeta, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Buu, Yajirobe, Puar, Oolong, Chiaotzu and even Bulma at some point have tried to kill Goku. However, I feel as if Frieza will never change and his crimes are just too great.

Golden Frieza
Golden Frieza

Frieza will most likely just attack Goku immediately or revert to his evil ways later on. Frieza can see that Goku is significantly stronger at the moment and probably won’t try anything until much later on.

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