‘Boruto’ Manga Chapter 17: Kara’s Inner Members Make Their Move

Boruto Chapter 17

It appears that something very exciting is coming in “Boruto” Manga Chapter 17. Finally, all the pieces are in their place; the mysterious organization known as Kara is about to strike.

The organization was in fact already revealed in “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” Chapter 16. A meeting between the group’s seven “inner” members was shown, presided by what appears to be their leader but simply referred to be everyone as the benevolent elder.

Kashinkoji killed the elder
Kashinkoji killed the elder

But it seems that the elder is no longer in control with the other members of the Kara’s “inner” group. Towards the end, the member named Kashinkoji killed the elder, in what appears to be due to differences in opinion on how to handle a crisis facing the organization. The elder wanted a more restrained solution while the younger Kashinkoji sees the situation as an opportunity to strike. Unfortunately for the elder, the other members of the “inner” group are supportive of Kashinkoji’s approach and so the elder was assassinated.

What is interesting to note is that the subject of their discussion is a “vessel” said to be valuable enough that its worth could buy an entire country. This “vessel,” whatever it is, has been lost due to an accident while being transported by air. Their info indicates that it was lost somewhere near Konoha.


Previously, it was mentioned during the meeting that their original plans suffered some setback because of Momoshiki’s actions. Given this clue, Konoha will likely deal with another Ootsutsuki group, but this time more powerful and organized.

It appears that a meeting between some of Kara’s members and Konoha will happen in “Boruto” Chapter 17. A team of Konoha ninja led by Konohamaru was already sent to the airship’s crash site to investigate while the “inner” Kara members have already resolved to retrieve the “vessel” from the crash at all cost. Many fans believe that this might be the chapter were Konohamaru might die, however, at a minimum; it will be the time we see Konohamaru in action for the first time since he was a kid. It will be great to see Konohamaru at full power with some fans thinking he is able to use Toad Sage mode already.

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