Boruto Episode 29 Spoilers: The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen of The Mist

Boruto Episode 29

In recent weeks Boruto: Naruto Next Generations fans have been following the Konoha students as they visit the Hidden Mist Village. The place was formerly known as the Bloody Mist, however, it has undergone a great change and is no longer the dark place it once was with the help of the previous two Mizukage.


Although, there are still some ninja’s who want the revive the old ways and start a war. These are the new Legendary Seven Ninja Swordsmen of The Mist, which were revealed in episode 27 of Boruto. The strongest amongst them is Kagura, with Shizuma not being too far away either. However, it is Shizuma who is the current leader and is about to start a rebellion that will lead to war. Shizuma accuses Chojuro of erasing his clans name from the record books, mainly due to their horrible past.

In addition, Shizuma has said that the same has happened to Kagura, as he is the grandson of Yagura. Yagura was the Mizukage during the 3rd Great Shinobi War, however, most people don’t know that he was being controlled by Obito. Without Obito, it is possible that Yagura would not have been evil, which could have prevented the villages bloody reputation.


In episode 29 of Boruto, fans will get to see the new Legendary Seven Ninja Swordsmen of The Mist, as they steal the ninja swords that were returned to the village after the 4th Great War. Former Seven Ninja Swordsmen in Chojuro and Seigtsu will join the battle, as will the Konoha students. Sarada Uchiha will show us we she’s got, as she will take on the lightning swords user.

Meanwhile, Boruto will try and save Kagura from the dark path he feels obliged to take. This is going to be a great episode full of fighting, with all you can do until then is watch the preview for episode 29 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations in the video below.

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