One Piece Episode 806 Spoilers & Preview

In episode 806 of One Piece fans are about to see the conclusion of the fight between one of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders in Charolett Cracker, with Monkey D. Luffy eating all of the Biscuit Warriors, which is the only logical way to beat them.

However, the fight isn’t over, especially as the Straw Hat Pirate Captain is so full that he can barely move and he is literally about to burst, as he cannot stretch any more than what he has.

Fat Luffy
Fat Luffy

But don’t worry One Piece fans, as soon as Cracker closes in with his final fatal blow, Luffy’s new 4th Gear power kick in. This will be the episode where the battle to save the lost Sanji comes to an end, with the crew recovering their friend and cook.

More spoilers and the preview on Page 2:

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