One Piece Episode 805 Spoilers & Preview: It’s Eat Or Die!

In episode 805 of One Piece, the battle between Luffy and Big Mom’s Sweet Commander Charolette Cracker is still in action, as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is surrounded.

In this upcoming episode, Luffy is cornered by the forever multiplying Biscuit Warriors, with their number looking to have no limit.  However, there is still, of course, a slim chance of winning with Luffy risking everything and betting it all on his plan.

Charlotte Cracker
Charolette Cracker

It’s eat or die! Yes, that’s right, Luffy’s plan is to eat like he has never eaten before and test the limits of his stretchy stomach. Luffy’s plan is to eat his way through the military power of the Biscuit Warriors, with after how much fans have seen Luffy eat in the past, raising their hopes for victory!

More spoilers and the preview on Page 2:


Meanwhile, Sanji is injured and as a result, there will be more flashbacks telling fans about the Straw Hat Pirate cooks past.

An endless amount of food was definitely not the way anyone should threaten Luffy, with the pirate captain a good chance to eat all of the tasty warriors attacking him.

For now, though fans can watch the preview for Episode 805 of One Piece in the video below. 

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