‘One Piece’ Chapter 878: Will Thousand Sunny Successfully Use Coup de Burst?

With the team going on a break this week, fans have no choice but to wait for next week’s release and speculate what could happen in One Piece Chapter 878 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series. While the previous chapter ended on a cliffhanger, it also hints of some possible directions the plot could be heading in the next installment.

Thousand Sunny’s Coup de Burst


The Straw Hats are trapped with Big Mom on land and her ships blocking Sunny’s possible escape route. However, there is one possible way out of the situation that could instantly place their ship out of reach from the Yonko’s forces.

As reported by GamesnAnime, it is possible that the Straw Hats could employ Thousand Sunny’s signature move called Coup de Burst in the coming One Piece Chapter 878. The maneuver is essentially an escape move that allows the ship to get away from her enemies quickly. By launching a giant cannon downward, the Sunny is launched one kilometer into the air.

There is just one thing that prevents Sunny from doing the maneuver. In the previous chapter, Perospero turned the sea into some form of sticky candy. However, Pedro is bent to let the Luffy and his crew escape even at the cost of his own life. Thus, he planned to nullify Perospero’s technique by killing him with explosions, a suicide move since the bombs are attached to his body. If successful, it could turn the sea back to normal allowing for the Coup de Burst and, at the same time, prevent Brook and Chopper from turning into candies. while also

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