Dragon Ball Super Episode 107 Spoilers & Preview: Frost Attacks Roshi

This is going to be big, very big! It looks like Master Roshi’s luck has finally run out in episode 107 of Dragon Ball Super, with Tournament of Power getting very interesting indeed.

In episode 105 of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Master Roshi almost died, as he used up way too much stamina, however; he somehow survived.

From what fans can see from the preview for episode 107, Roshi may push himself a little too far this time around, with Frost from Universe 6 starting to make an impact.



Frost and Magetta have teamed up and are targeting the injured old Roshi, as he is too injured still to take on the both of them.

There is also a hint that Frost may be cheating once again, as he did in the previous friendly tournament between Universes 6 and 7, earlier in Dragon Ball Super.

More spoilers and the preview on Page 2:

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