Boruto Episode 24 Spoilers & Preview: Sarada and Boruto Team Up

Naruto Gaiden has come to an end and the Uchiha family has been reunited, however; the story of Boruto; Naruto Next Generations is still going strong.

Kabuto has taken control of the Shin clones, with it being his job to turn them into good and honest ninja’s.

Meanwhile, in episode 24 of Boruto, Uchiha Sarada has made her ambitions known to Boruto, with her wanting to be the next Hokage.

Uchiha Sarada
Uchiha Sarada

In the Boruto movie, we already knew that this was Sarada’s goal, however; this is the first time we have heard it in the Boruto series.

As a result, Boruto laughs at her and from what we can see from the preview, the two get into a minor disagreement.

Boruto so far has shown little ambition but he does possess a lot of talent, although; there is still a while to go before the series catches up with the movie.

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