Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Spoilers & Preview: Freeza Betrays Universe 7

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 Dragon Ball Super Episode 108

Next week is going to be incredible for Dragon Ball Super fans, as episode 108 is going to be intense. Already fans have seen Frost from Universe 6 starting to make his move, after making an arrangement with Champa. The deal involves Frost taking out a Universe 7 member and after that Champa will forgive Frost for all his crimes.

In episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super, fans will see more of the Universe 6 villain, as well as his Universe 7 version, who has been rather quiet so far in the Tournament of Power.



That’s right, Freeza is going to start to make his move, with the two of them teaming up and causing havoc. It was already revealed that Freeza was open to betraying Universe 7 before the tournament began and moments into the tournament when the two evil aliens met each other on stage.

It seems as if their alliance is now confirmed and the two are starting to make their move, with Universe 7 being their first targets.

More spoilers and the preview on Page 2:

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