Will We See An Uchiha Learn Sage Mode In Boruto? How Would It Look?

Senjutsu or Sage mode is was an incredibly important component to the Naruto series, with fans already seeing it be used in Boruto a couple of times. These are only five people in the world outside the Otsutsuki clan who have learned the sage arts. These characters include Naruto Uzumaki, Hashirama Senju, Kabuto, Jiraiya and Minato Namikaze, with none of these ever being an Uchiha. So will an Uchiha ever learn it in Boruto?

For some unknown reason, an Uchiha has never learned how to use sage mode, although, technically Uchiha Madara has used it. However, Madara didn’t learn how to use Sage mode, Madara instead stole the natural energy from Hashirama during the 4th Great Ninja War.

Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara

This is considered incredibly unusual, as there have been many great Uchiha in the Naruto world, including Sasuke, Itachi, Madara, Obito and Fugaku. However, none of them had ever learned how to use a technique that enhanced your abilities to an unimaginable level.

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