Will Midoriya Ever Be Stronger These Six Other Anime Heroes?

It may still only be early days in for My Hero Academia in the sense that the manga series has only been around since 2014, with the anime only being in its second season. However, from what fans can see, Midoriya is becoming stronger and stronger every day. In addition, fans still don’t know the full power of his quirk “One For All” and as a result, he could one day become quite strong. Already the anime has spoiled that Midoriya becomes the greatest hero in his world by the end of the series, however, it will be some time before we see him reach those heights. However, when Midoriya’s story does come to a close, will he be stronger than Goku or some the other anime hero’s fans have grown up with?

  1. Saitama

Saitama is the main hero from One Punch Man and he is already considered in the same league, if not in a higher league than Goku. However, as there has only been one season of the anime so far, it is too early to say for sure if Midoriya can surpass him. Already Saitama’s powers have allowed him to beat each and every opponent he has come across with one punch, however, we still don’t know exactly how strong he is because his power is still a mystery. It is tough to say but for now, I don’t think Midoriya will become stronger than Saitama.

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