Our Thoughts On One Piece TV Special Heart Of Gold

The hour long One Piece TV special Heart of Gold is now available for purchasing on both DVD and Blue Ray, with this being our thoughts on the epic Straw Hats adventure.

This new adventure takes place at first with the Marines capturing a young girl who knew the way to one of the worlds most valuable treasure, the Pure Gold.

This treasure that is said to be worth enough to buy the entire world, which obviously caused more pirates to go on the hunt as well, with Luffy’s crew stumbling upon the cation by accident.



Mad Treasure, the most infamous treasure hunter the world, is now after the Pure Gold, as is his powerful accomplices Psycho P and Drunk Naomi.

These guys are quite strong and wrestle for the young girls (Olga) support, as she is the only one who knows of the lost cities location, which is where the treasure is hidden.

From there is turns out that Olga has her own small piece of the Pure Gold in a ring, which summoned a giant fish that swallows both crews.

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