One Piece Episode 801 Preview: Sanji’s Decision Revelled

In episode 801 of One Piece we will see most of the focus being on Sanji, as we will get to see why he left the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sanji will also be forced to make the biggest decision of his life next week, with Sanji’s father figure from the East Blue, as well as the man who raised him in Owner Zeff; will be apart of this decision.

Sanji’s relationship with the man who saved him is in trouble, which causes Sanji to make the crucial choice, with the preview being reluctant to give us anymore.

 Owner Zeff
Owner Zeff

The wedding between Sanji and Charlotte Pudding is also drawing near, things are starting to get heated, as we mover further into this arc.

This entire episode will mainly focus on Sanji, which One Piece fans have been craving for, since he left the crew.

But until then make sure to watch the preview for episode 801 of One Piece here below. 

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