‘One Piece’ Chapter 877: Will The Straw Hat’s Escape Big Mom & Reclaim Sunny?

The action is expected to continue in the coming “One Piece” Chapter 877. However, fans are a bit divided on how to rate the predicted cake baking session next chapter. Nevertheless, many are still hopeful that the upcoming installment could present more interesting action scenes.

Sanji, Pudding and Chiffon’s Cake Baking

Whether they like it or not, most agree that the upcoming “One Piece” Chapter 877 would feature some cake baking session as the three chefs race against time to come up with a cake the calm down the rampaging Yonko. While Oda might somehow manage to make the session entertaining enough with some plot twists, a lot of fans are actually hoping that the team would keep coverage of the baking portion to a minimum. Apparently, not a lot of fans are too excited about a baking-filled chapter as can be seen in this forum.

Big Mom
Big Mom

Will Luffy and Straw Hats Finally Escape Big Mom?

Another thing that had fans worried is the possibility that the upcoming chapter would feature yet again another scene of Luffy and the crew trying to get away from a mad Big Mom. Simply put, they’ve been running for quite a while now and it is getting less exciting. Hopefully, the crater created by Zeus’ attack would be sufficient to hold back the Yonko long enough for Luffy and his team to finally escape Seducing Woods.

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