Game Of Thrones Shocking Leaks Point To Gamechanger

It seems that the seventh season of Game of Thrones is more akin to a sieve than anything else with leaks coming left right and centre. 

The most recent leaks have just exploded out onto the internet. Throwing fans into the standard frothing mess screaming for ‘links’ that no-one seems to have.

Be warned dear reader, beyond this point there be spoilers. 

The three images that are being circulated around are focused on the Night’s King gaining one of Dany’s Dragons.

Now, this isn’t something particularly new. The amalgamation of leaked scripts that came out both before the premiere and over the course of the series so far.

But with these leaked photos, which may well prove to be fake we don’t know, we have our first look at the Ice Dragon.

As to what plans the Night’s King has in mind concerning his new pet, it’s sure to tip the scales (pun intended) in favour of the dead.

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