Former Half-Life Writer Reveals Plot Summary

Just hours ago, Former Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw published to his website a possible summary of the long awaited and highly anticipated Half-Life 2: Episode Three.

The post refers to characters, places, and events in the game by a series of gender-bent, alternative names.

The plot summary, cryptically titled ‘Epistle 3’ can be found at Marc Laidlaw’s personal site:

Currently his site is down. If you wish to read the summary, sans-cryptic renaming, a 4chan user translated the whole thing here:

Whether or not this was the genuine and intended conclusion for Half-Life 2 is unknown. Laidlaw even refers to it as “fanfiction” on twitter, but that isn’t stopping most from rejoicing the in apparent closure of a nearly decades old, yet unfinished series.

Some are beginning to speculate that this is the final nail in Half-Life’s coffin. Many see this as confirmation that the game is dead, and that we will never see Valve release another instalment in the series.

The Half-Life series was a monumental turning point in videogames. It ushered in a briefly lived age of episodic content and provided many with an exceptional story-driven experience. At the very least, it is comforting to find something resembling an ending to such a beloved and anticipated series, even if it means the death of Half-Life.

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