Five things We Learnt From Episode 19 Of Boruto

We have finally come out for the filler period of Boruto and have entered Naruto Gaiden. In episode 19 of Boruto fans watched as Uchiha Sarada doubt who her other is, with next week being the episode we start to really see some action.

So for now lets discuss episode 19, with these being the five things that every Boruto fan should walk away knowing after the episode.


  1. Sarada literally knows nothing about her parents
Sasuke and Sarada
Sasuke and Sarada

You would think that Sarada would have heard countless stories about her famous parents, however she hasn’t. Even when she asked her mother Sakura about Sasuke, Sakura just avoided the questions.


  1. In the Uchiha history books it doesn’t state Itachi
Ucchiha Itachi
Ucchiha Itachi

The entire Uchiha clan was whipped out by only two legendary Uchiha’s, however they are not named in the history books. Fair enough that Obito isn’t named as his involvement was a secret, although; everyone should know about Itachi’s part. I also thought it was possible that Sasuke and Naruto told the world about the truth about Itachi to clear his name, however that hasn’t happened. No only that, his name isn’t mentioned in the books, all that’s said is “the Uchiha clan was whipped out due to unfortunate events”.

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