Five Things We Learnt From Episode 103 Of Dragon Ball Super

In episode 103 of Dragon Ball Super fans got to see more from universe 2’s warriors and universe 7’s Android 17. Later on, the focus shifted to Gohan and Piccolo where the duo knocked out the remaining Universe 10 warriors, which caused them to be erased.

There was a lot that happened in this episode and these are the five things that every Dragon Ball Super fan should walk away knowing, as this is what we learned from this episode.


  1. Goku really needs to stop letting his guard down

I think fans have seen Goku relax and let his guard down too many times, so many times that it literally happens almost every episode now. This guy is meant to be the strongest in Universe 7, although, he needed the help from Android 17 when fighting against an ordinary fighter from Universe 2. The entire existence of Universe 7 is on the line, Goku should really start taking things seriously.


  1. Piccolo is still awesome

It has been a while since fans have seen Piccolo do something cool, as he continuously did in the early stages of Dragon Ball Z. Fans got to see a glimpse of his old self in the Champa arc, however, he soon fell back into being irrelevant. Now in the Tournament of Power, it looks as if he has once again become useful, with him easily taking out Rubalt from Universe 10.

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