Five Things We Learnt From Episode 102 Of Dragon Ball Super

Now our struggling universes are in the midst of the Tournament of Power, which means things are starting to get intense. Thus far we have only had one universe erased, however many more are starting to lose numbers rapidly, such as Universe 10.

This here are the five things that all Dragon Ball Super fans must walk away knowing from episode 102 of Dragon Ball Super.


  1. You must wait for your opponent to finish transforming
Universe 2 telling off Android 17
Universe 2 telling off Android 17

For years fans have always wondered why our Z-Fighters and villains allow their opponents to power up. I mean they could just attack them while they are weak, however they never do. Well, Android 17 decided screw the rules and attacked the Universe 2 warriors whilst they were performing. Suddenly everyone stopped fighting, enraged with 17’s attack and gave him a lecture. Therefore, you must wait for an opponent to power up, regardless if you are evil or good, it’s just the rules.


  1. Universe 2’s Yardrat can still be dangerous
Universe 2's Yardrat
Universe 2’s Yardrat

We though that the mysterious Yardrat who was apart of Universe 2, was knocked out of the ring, however; he was not. This means that we may still see fusion from Universe 2 and possibly Instant Transmission.

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