Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Spoilers & Preview: Goku & Hit Team Up!

Everything is starting to get pretty intense in the Tournament of Power, with universe 10 already erased by the two Zeno’s in episode 103 of Dragon Ball Super.

Now as the weaker warriors are slowly but surely being removed, we will see a glimpse of two strong fighters going at it next week. Step in Universe 11’s Dyspo and Universe 6’s Hit.


Dyspo vs Hit
Dyspo vs Hit

In this episode, Goku and Hit will both team up to fight Dyspo, which does sound like over kill at this stage. In episode 104 of Dragon Ball Super, fans will see Goku use his Super Saiyan God transformation for the first time since his fight with Beerus.

It unconfirmed why Goku would use this form instead, however, I feel as if it is due to the fact that the Super Saiyan God form uses less energy than what Super Saiyan Blue does. In a battle that is as long lasting as the Tournament of Power, reserving your strength is crucial.

More spoilers and the preview on page 2:

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