Confirmed New Namekians In The Tournament of Power: Are They Evil?

It has recently been confirmed that there will be two new Namekians entering the Tournament of Power in the weeks to come, as three of Universe 6’s warriors haven’t been seen as of yet.

Saoneru and Pirina are the two new Universe 6 warriors who will be entering the Tournament of Power in the episodes to come, with there already being speculation about the possibility that these guys aren’t necessarily good guys.

Remember even though Piccolo is now good, as well as the other Namekians being peaceful, it doesn’t mean that they all are good guys. Piccolo in the past was evil, as was Lord Slug from the Dragon Ball Z movie.

This means that we may also see the Super Namekian for that we haven’t seen much of since the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. As Piccolo, Slug and Guru were able to use that form.

Also we should expect that these Namekians have absorbed other Namekians, just as piccolo has done with Kami and Nail. This is because the Saiyans from Universe 6 and 7 are so alike, therefore we must assume that the Namekians are alike as well.

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