Boruto Episode 20 Spoilers & Preview: A New Uchiha Appears & Sasuke Too

We are finally out of the filler period of Boruto, with Naruto Gaiden well and truly starting in episode 19 of Boruto. Sarada is currently questioning her mother Sakura, as she believes that Karin is her real mother.

There is not information available about her birth, her father and very little about her clan, as well as the fact Sakura for some unknown reason refuses to answer her daughters questions about her father.

Sarada and Karin
Sarada and Karin

For some reason Cho-Cho is also questioning her origins and as a result, Sarada and Cho-Cho head off to find Sarada’s father Sasuke and Cho-Cho’s mysterious real father (Don’t worry her father actually is Choji), which will be where Naruto Gaiden really gets interesting.

In the final seconds of Boruto we got to see Sasuke attacked by an unknown assailant, which will most likely be the same man to attack Sarada in episode 20 of Boruto.

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