Aidan’s Top 10 Games

Whilst Tabletop games are kinda my thing, I still play a few video games, and have done since I was young. Whilst I don’t play as much as I’d maybe like to, I’ve still worked my way through quite a few in the past few years, and now, my list of the 10 best games I’ve played


10. Warframe (2013)
So here’s one I’ve been playing recently. Warframe is a cooperative 3rd Person Shooter developed by Digital Extremes. You take on the role of a Tenno, a race of ancient warriors, and basically just go around killing shit in a spacey, sci-fi world. I have a lot of fun playing Warframe, though I think I’d enjoy it more if my friends played it too, so to a degree, I feel like I’m not enjoying it as much as the developers intended, and I think that if I DID have other friends who played it to, it would rank a lot higher on this list, that said, it’s still a really fun game, and I highly recommend it.


9. Assassins’ Creed: Black Flag (2013)
So I’ve played, and to various degrees enjoyed all the Assassins’ Creed games, however, Black Flag is my absolute favourite. Not just do I love the setting, but I love the freedom of the open world, and being able to travel around the Caribbean via ship (And the naval combat), the story overall is decent, and the gameplay is just fun. Every time I play Black Flag, I can’t help but think of running a Pirate-Themed D&D campaign.

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