Five Things We Learnt From Episode 20 Of Boruto


Boruto Episode 20 Review Boruto Episode 20 Review

There was quite a bit that happened in this episode, Naruto went all out, we found out that the Shin clones are strong and Sarada made history. So these are the five things that all Boruto fans should walk away knowing, at the end of episode 20 of Boruto Next Generations.


  1. The Uchiha Shin clones are strong


Uchiha Shin

This little guy is not someone you want to mess with, as they have awakened the Mangekyou Sharingan. The reason I say the word them is because there are more of them to come. Also, Naruto rated this clone so highly that used his Kurma mode mixed with his Sage Mode in order to deal with him.


  1. Naruto is still immature


This is the first time fans have seen Naruto as immature, as he started to describe his childhood with Sasuke to Sarada and Cho-Cho. Naruto said that he was popular with the girls like Sasuke back at the academy and that he was a top student along with his rival than as well, which he wasn’t. Then he started to talk about how arrogant and rude Sasuke was back then as well, all whilst pouting.

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