Top 3 Anime to watch this season for all anime fans

Hello fellow otakus, I’m here to suggest you 3 anime out of the many anime that are airing this season.

Just to be clear, I’m not watching ONLY these 3 anime, I’m watching other seasonal anime as well, but I think these 3 are the most interesting.

Number 3: Dive!!


Wait, don’t leave this article yet! I know you might be thinking ‘Ew, what is so good about this anime? It’s full of fanservice for girls with no actual plot.’ Well, you’re wrong.

Dive!! is very similar to the anime Free!. They are both about shirtless guys and water. But still, they are very different in terms of plot.

I think Dive!! is a must-watch anime because it talks about how Tomoki Sakai reaches the top by working hard. I think it’s encouraging to watch anime like these. Even though you can be a guy, this anime can encourage you to workout or even try diving.

But the part that really hits home is when the Main Character feels left out. His two best friends start to ignore him because they feel that he is taking the spotlight. They’re probably jealous? 

On episode 3 (the most recent episode), Sakai says he feels like being in a pen and he thinks that training hard for the Olympics will give him a chance to escape that pen and be free. As a person who dislikes my city, I relate to him. There are times when I feel that being somewhere far away from here can make me happy. Still, I know that every city of the world has its pros and cons and I’m not saying I hate my city, it’s just I would enjoy being somewhere else for some time.

Buuuuuut let’s get back to the top anime.

Number 2: Re:Creators

I am fully aware of the fact that this anime is not exactly from Summer. I know it started in Spring, but it’s still ongoing and you should watch the episodes that are already out there.

re-creators review 4

The plot is very simple: some anime/videogame/LN characters are teleported to our world and they begin their search for the persons that created them. That’s what I’ll say without spoiling too much.

Sometimes the dialogue is really long and boring, but the action scenes are very cool.

* and on the first place we have…*             *drumroll*

Number 1: Aho Girl

I think Aho Girl is the best anime this season and probably the best comedy this year. As the title suggests, the main girl is very stupid (aho=idiot) She never fails to make me laugh.

I think Yoshiko is relatable to adults that feel like kids on the inside. Or maybe to the adults that are a failure in life (sorry not sorry)

Plus there are great lines like this:


To end this article, I’ll quickly repeat the reasons why you should check these out.

  • Watch Dive!! if you like bromance, sports and personal growth/character development. It’s not only for girls, I swear.
  • Watch Re:Creators if you like watching the anime characters come alive to our world. There is a cute magical girl as well.
  • Watch Aho Girl if you like short episodes and jokes that will make your stomach hurt from laughing. Plus, it’s a great source for meme material, the main character eats bananas in literally every episode.

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