The Strongest Next Generation Ninja’s In Boruto At The Moment

Well, last week we took a look at who the strongest living Konhoa ninja’s are at the moment, in the Boruto series however; today we will take a look at who is the strongest next generation character.

From the list above in the article we write last week, you would have noticed that not one new character made the list. This is because all the new characters are not even genin’s yet in the anime, with the mange being ahead but still not showing these guys at a jounin level.

However, if you have been following the anime, you would have noticed that the next generation is pretty strong, in comparison to where their parents were at the same stage of their lives.

The children were able to defeat Shino, who is a chunin but arguably a jounin level ninja. As well as defeat a creature that Sai, Kakashi and Naruto struggled to detain.

Nevertheless they cannot be considered in the best ninja category just yet, so we will have to judge them separately. Based from the anime so far and the movie, these are the strongest next generation characters.

16. Denki Kaminarino

Denki Kaminarino
Denki Kaminarino

Denki is quite weak and requires a lot of help from his teammates however; Denki does possess a lot of natural intelligence, meaning he has potential.

15. Wasabi Izuno

Wasabi Izuno
Wasabi Izuno

Another character that hasn’t given us too much so far, which puts here pretty low on the list. However, she has a lot of confidence that puts here above Denki.

14. Chouchou Akimichi

Chouchou Akimichi
Chouchou Akimichi

Chouchou hasn’t given us much in the anime but she can use her fathers expansion jutsu’s, making her powerful when he is motivated.

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