All Seven One Piece Characters Who Can Use All Three Types Of Haki

Haki Users

For those who don’t know what Haki is, you are not real One Piece fans or really behind and need to catch up before reading this. Haki is a mysterious power that is found in every living being however; most don’t know how to use it.

There are three types of Haki and they called Busoshoku, Haoshoku and Kenbunshoku. With that there are actually very few people in the world who can use all three types and so this is a list of the ones that can.


  1. Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh

Rayleigh was actually the man who taught Luffy how to use Haki during the time skip, with the swordsmen having the Epithet (The Dark King). Silvers was also the first mate of the Roger pirates.


  1. Whitebeard

The former Yonko was easily the strongest man to ever live, as he had eaten from the paramecia Devil Fruit called Gura Gura no Mi. This allowed him to literally create earthquakes, with that he was able to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Admiral and Gol D. Roger.

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2 thoughts on “All Seven One Piece Characters Who Can Use All Three Types Of Haki”

  1. I think this list may be wrong. Some of them has demonstrated just 2 out of 3 hakis. Some of them has used Busoshoku and Haoshoku, but not Kenbunshoku. The only characters known to use all three hakis are Luffy and Rayleigh.

    1. Mnay of these guys have used all three Hakis and this publication isn’t the only one to say so, however some of these guys haven’t been seen doing it but it’s implied that they can.

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