OZ Comic-Con: Interview With Kenneth Rocafort, What’s He Working On?

This weekend, Nerds4LifeBlog attended Melbourne Oz Comic Con, where we were able to interview a number of comic book creators. On Sunday morning, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kenneth Rocafort, artist behind books such as Superman and Red Hood and the Outlaws for DC, The Ultimates for Marvel, and Top Cow’s Hunter Killer.

Fans may know Kenneth Rocafort as the hyper detailed artist behind the first few issues of New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws, followed by runs on Superman, and Teen Titans, as well as redesigning many characters from the start of the New 52, such as Red Hood, Arsenal, Mr. Freeze and Raven, since then, he’s gone on to work on Ultimates for Marvel, as well as a variety of covers across both publishers, before returning to DC recently to work on several Rebirth books.

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