‘One Piece’ Chapter 874: How Will The Straw Hats Escape Big Mom?

In the coming “One Piece” Chapter 874, the Straw Hat Pirates will be facing their most dangerous foe yet. Enraged at not having even tasted the delicious wedding cake, Big Mom has gone berserk and has now caught up with Luffy and his crew demanding that they hand over the cake.

Of course, they can’t hand anything to her because the cake was already destroyed during the Alliance’s attempt in assassinating the Yonko. In fact, Big Mom was just deceived by one of her underlings, Perospero, who convinced the Yonko that the Straw Hats stole her delicious case.

The diversion is a clever way to buy some time for the inhabitants of Sweet City. With Big Mom chasing the Straw Hats, the Yonko’s underlings are busy plotting what to do next to solve Linlin’s food-related tantrum. At the same time, letting Big Mom chase the Straw Hats is seen as a more effective way to eliminate the intruders once and for all.

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