‘One Piece’ Chapter 873: Danger In Sweet City, Will Pudding & Sanji Find Closure?

With “One Piece” Chapter 873 just around the corner, it’s time to keep abreast on the latest speculations and theories on what could happen in the next installment.

Using his ability, Big Mom’s chef Streusen saved the wedding guests’ and the Sweet City inhabitants’ lives but converting the entire Whole Cake Chateau into a real cake. However, it looks like they will be facing another kind of threat in the coming “One Piece” Chapter 873, a threat that might no longer be solved by Streusen’s transformation ability.

Big Mom is predicted to go into another one of her food tantrums according to the Inquisitr. Triggered perhaps by the abundance of sponge cake littering the streets of Sweet City – the remnants of her chateau – big mom started showing signs that her food disorder is about to kick in.

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