‘One Piece’ Chapter 872: Is The Tamatebako’s Explosion Helpful For The Alliance’s Escape Plan?

Everyone is definitely worked up while waiting for the “One Piece” Chapter 872 release date to arrive. Indeed, the Tamatebako’s timely explosion could be a game changer for the Alliance – it could make their plan work out or it could make their situation even worse.

The best possible outcome of the explosion is that it would provide enough distraction to make the Alliance’s escape from Big Mom’s territory possible. While Capone Bege’s plan was probably the best strategy in that situation, there were just too many overpowered fighters on Big Mom’s side that made it almost impossible to execute.

It’s not that Caesar Clown did not give it his best. He has no choice on the issue because he will definitely die if he won’t cooperate. But then, there was Perospero who created a Candy Wall to block his path, Katakuri who intercepted him just as Caesar was about to go over the castle’s wall and then an angry Brulee, who will have his revenge on the entire Alliance if given the chance. While the two were taken care of by Sanji’s siblings, they simply ran out of manpower to counter Brulee’s intrusion. Luffy with his Gear 4, Judge, Sanji and the rest of the Vinsmokes were no match for Big Mom’s strength.

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