Kid Phantom, The First Frew Phantom Comic In 50 Years So We Had A Chat With the Guys Behind It

Kid Phantom is Frew Publications first Phantom comic in over 50 yeas! With this new series, Frew is aiming to bring in a younger audience to the Phantom series.

Kid Phantom
Kid Phantom

Kid Phantom will act as a prequel to the current Phantom story, in the sense that it will tell readers the story of Phantom’s childhood.

In the first issue that has just been released, the current Phantom who is the 21st in line, is shown as a young boy growing up deep within the woods.

The comic shows the boy training with his father (the 20th Phantom) and playing with his pygmy Bandar friends.

From here we see that the child’s education is lacking, which results in him being sent to the United States, to begin his schooling.

Kid Phantom also lacks humility and needs to develop his own set of values, if he is to be a successful Phantom in the future.

Queensland comic artist, Doctor of Visual Arts, illustrator and international Tae Kwon Do champion, Paul Mason, has given Phantom a fresh look that we have never seen from him before.

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