My Hero Academia Episode 30 Review & Live Reaction

In the past couple episodes we have seen the epic battle between Midoriya, Tenya and Todoroki trying to defeat the “Hero Killer” Stain.

We have finally seen Stain’s special quirk, which allows him to paralyse the person whose blood he digests. Good news for Midoriya, as his O blood type is resistant to Stain’s abilities, which makes him Stain’s weakens.

Also Midoriya and Todoroki have improved immensely, as Todoroki is using his left (Fire) side and Midoriya has mastered 5% of One For All.

Midoriya’s movements have looked a lot cleaner and more efficient for battle, which is allowing him to stall the fight until the pro’s get there.

Stain vs Deku
Stain vs Deku

More and the video on Page 2:

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