Five Things We learnt From Episode 17 Of Boruto

Yes, it was a slow episode where it was literally all about finding a lost stuffed animal, however we did still learn a thing or two from episode 17 of Boruto.

  1. Sasuke has made no contact with his family
Sasuke's family
Sasuke’s family

We are still unsure how long it has been, however we do know that it has been years since the Uchiha Sasuke has been with his family. When Sarada, his daughter, said to Sakura that she wanted a father when Sakura asked about what present she would like, indicated that she has never met her father. Also from the Boruto movie we do know that Sasuke is on missions outside the village. Therefore, it is likely that it has been roughly 12 years since Sasuke has been in the village.


  1. Sasuke and Sakura’s first date went for only 2.5 minutes
Sasuke and Sakura
Sasuke and Sakura

Yep that’s right, their first official date didn’t even last 5 minutes, which honestly is no surprise. After ditching his friends, years of criminal deeds, trying to kill Saskura’s friends and even tried to kill her at times, she stuck with him. However, she couldn’t even get a decent date with him and had to look after his kid all by herself.

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