Five Things We learnt In Episode 101 Of Dragon Ball Super

Episode 101 of Dragon Ball Super was pretty epic and it should be, as we are in the middle of the Tournament of Power. In this episode we got to see some cool fights with Universe 11’s Pride Troopers attacking Universe 7 and 6’s Saiyans.

This here is a list of the five things all fans should walk away knowing from episode 101 of Dragon Ball Super.

  1. Kale can control her powers
Kale Legendary Super Saiyan
Kale Legendary Super Saiyan

It was pretty obvious, however it was probably the most important part of the episode, where Kale mastered her transformation. Gone are the days where our shy Universe 6 Saiyan goes berserk and tries to kill everything in sight.


  1. Master Roshi and Tien are a pretty dangerous combo
Master Roshi Tournament of Power
Master Roshi Tournament of Power

We haven’t seen too much from either Tien or Master Roshi just yet, however from what we did see in episode 101, they aren’t going to be easy beats. The duo complemented each other and were able to knock out an enemy warrior, with them not using anywhere near their full powers. That means they are going to do some damage when they finally do go all out.

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