Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 Spoilers & Preview: Krillin Explodes

In episode 98 of Dragon Ball Super, we finally got to see that the Zeno’s weren’t bluffing when it came to erasing each losing universe.

With that, Universe 9 was erased from existence after the attempted to take on Vegeta and Goku at once (Seriously a big mistake that cost them their lives).

It looks as if everything is getting quite interesting now that the Tournament of Power is finally underway, with more epic battles still to come.

Episode 98 was also the time we got to see something from Vegeta, as it has been too long since we last watched him fight.

In episode 99 of Dragon Ball Super, it looks as if we will see more from the other Universe 7 warriors, mainly through Krillin, as he shows us his true power.

Krillin's True Power
Krillin’s True Power

If you watch the preview it looks as if his arms grows briefly at one point, does this mean he has unlocked something new?

Maybe Krillin has learnt Master Roshi’s max power transformation although, that is only a possibility and not confirmed. 

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