Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Preview & Spoilers: Universe 2 Attacks

In episode 100 of Dragon Ball Super we got to see more of Universe 6’s Saiyans and the Pride Troopers, with many of the Troopers being nocked out.

We also were teased with a fight between Jiren and Goku, however; that didn’t actually end up happening, as we slowly cull the weaker characters.

Universe 2 Kamikaze Fireballs!
Universe 2 Kamikaze Fireballs!

In episode 102 of Dragon Ball Super, we will see more from a universe that looks quit threatening, however hasn’t been talked about too much leading into the Tournament of Power.

In this episode is will focus predominately on Universe 2’s warrior women, lead by Ribrianne, who looked pretty decent when we saw he last in the lead up to this tournament.

It also looks as if Android 17 has his hands full with these girls, also we may actually get to see more of our controversial team member in Freeza.

This is going to be a great episode, especially for Android 17 fans, as we haven’t seen too much of him just yet. These Universe 2 girls can transform from their beautiful selves into a slightly less attractive but much stronger woman, who looks pretty dangerous.

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