Chatting With Martin Abel at Comic Con 2017

Earlier this year Nerds4LifeBlog attended Oz Comic Con in Melbourne. During the weekend, we interviewed a number of writers and artists. On Saturday afternoon, towards the end of the first day, I had the pleasure of being to sit down with, and interview Australian artist, Martin Abel. Unlike the others, this interview was not filmed, so this article is a written summary of the conversation we had, touching upon the important and interesting points.

Martin Abel's Work
Martin Abel’s Work

Martin said he’s primarily known as a pinup artist, something he’s been doing for about 10 years now, either professionally or in his free time, however, in the past couple of years, he’s been trying to move away from that, moving towards more fantasy inspired art. Alongside that, he is also a commercial artist, having worked for numerous clients including X-Box Magazine, The Australian Red Cross, and Telstra.

That said, he is most well known for Nightmares and Visions, a book he Kickstarted and released in 2015. In it, he wanted to explore the genre of pinup art, and do something else with it, making it more personal, beyond just pretty artwork to look at. The book itself, divided into two halves (Nightmares, and Visions) was, as his “Therapy Book”. Having read Nightmares and Visions, it is truly an amazing book, both at a very shallow level, the artwork itself is beautifully constructed, but beyond that, it can be viewed much deeper, there is a very clear meaning being much of what Abel does, and everything included in his work has a deep, and personal meaning.

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