Boruto Episode 16 Preview: Denki Is In Risk Of Failing

With Sumire back in the academy, it’s time for us to start the next chapter of the Boruto story with them starting to make their Genin teams.

However, as the moment Sarada isn’t pat of Boruto’s team, which is quite unusual. But then again, we know that she will be added to the team soon although, we don’t know when or why.

In episode 16 of Boruto we will continue to see these teams formed and this episode looks as if it will focus purely on Denki, which really isn’t very exciting.


Denki is easily the weakest ninja in the academy however, he is quite smart. It looks as if Denki is struggling to  pass and so needs to work hard in oder for him not to fail and become a genin.

This episode looks as if it will be the episode we see something from a character that we have barely seen much of.

So make sure to watch episode 16 of Boruto next week however, until then you can watch the preview for episode 16 here below.

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