Eight Of The Strongest Weapons In Naruto That May Appear In Boruto


The Greatest Ninja Weapons The Greatest Ninja Weapons

Over Naruto’s gurney we have seen countless ninja tools, with most of them being tampered with by using chakra. Kunai’s and Asuma’s chakra blades are examples of tools that require chakra manipulation in order to increase their power, however this list goes over the weapons that don’t need a boost.

These weapons are easily the most dangerous in the entire Naruto series and so, they should also appear sometime in Boruto as well.

  1. Hiramekarei


All of the weapons owned by the hidden Mists Seven Ninja Swordsmen were powerful, however some were just a little stronger than others. This sword we saw Chojuro use during the 4th great ninja war and with him being the Mizukage now, we will see it again in Boruto, This sword can change shape, as it sucks up chakra and is technically two swords.


  1. Samehada
Killer Bee

Killer Bee

No, before you ask this is not just a list of all the Seven Ninja Swords, in fact this is the last one to make the list. Samehada is easily the most powerful out of these legendary ninja swords, as it’s technically a living creature. This sword can suck up an opponents chakra in an instant, which makes it impossible to block. It can also cut you with its many scales, as well as increase its size, as it sucks up chakra. We have only seen Bee, Mangetsu, Kisame and Fuguki use this sword, which means that we will see it again, when we see Killer Bee in Boruto next. The only reason I put this sword so low on the list is because it can betray its user, which we got to see in Bee and Kisame’s fight. This makes it dangerous, as it can turn on you and as a result it shouldn’t be considered as dangerous as the others, as its flaw it quite big.

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