Why Mizuki Was More Important Than Iruka To Naruto?


Mizuki Was More Important Than Iruka Mizuki Was More Important Than Iruka

Most fans would assume that Iruka is the most important person in Naruto’s life, as he was the first man in the village to acknowledge Naruto (technically the third Hokage was first but oh well).

Iruka was Naruto’s teacher during his academy days and so was his first sensei, before Kakashi, Jiraiya and Bee has any influence.

Iruka was so important to Naruto that he even asked Iruka to be his acting father at his wedding, however; was Iruka the most important character in the series for Naruto’s development? Personally, I think we have forgotten someone else.

Some would argue that Jiraiya or Kakashi played a bigger role than Iruka, however it was Iruka’s acknowledgement and support that put Naruto on the right track.

Before Iruka, Naruto was a terrible student, had not talent and played a lot of pranks on the villagers. If Iruka wasn’t there to help Naruto, the future Hokage may have turned out like Gaara.

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