20 Cosplays that redefine the term ‘Genderbend’ in the best way!

Nothing can bend my mind more than a well-done cosplay! These awe inspiring cosplays simply blew me away! So much work goes into these beautiful and hilarious masterpieces!

  1.  The Winter Soldier by A-Twins


Holy hell this is amazing! And terrifying! If I saw this wintery lady walking my way, you’d bet I’d be done for. I wonder if genderbent Bucky would be called Betty?

2. Mr. Misty by Zee Kotwal


Yikes, I wouldn’t want to break his bicycle. Kotwal also does a pretty mean Nurse Joy. Suddenly Pokemon got a whole lot more interesting…

3.The Joker by Miranda Hedman


Yeah, it was to be expected to find some version of the Joker here, but this is seriously awesome! I’m really blown away! She also does video’s and makeup tutorials here! 


Number 4 is quite a shock!


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