Wonder Woman Review: It’s Not A Blunder

Today I went and watched the new Wonder Woman film and to my surprise it wasn’t bad, especially as DC films have been heavily criticised in recent times.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been releasing a film roughly every 3 months with massive success for a while now and so D.C. have decided to jump on this bandwagon however; not with the same success.

Back in 2013 we the Superman reboot Man Of Steel, which was decent but then we got Batman VS Superman, last year and that was considered a disappointment by many fans; as was the Suicide Squad.

However; I’m here today to talk about the film that is single handily holding up the D.C. cinematic universe, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Review: It's Not A Blunder
Wonder Woman Review: It’s Not A Blunder

The film starts with Diana (Wonder Woman), in modern Paris receiving a photo of her back from World War 1. After that we start to get flashbacks to when she is a kid on the Amazon island, which she grew up in.

Here we get an explanation about her and the eventual villain of the film, as well as some crazy fight scenes with the amazons, which was spectacular.

Diana then meets Steve, a spy for the British working under cover against the Germans and is trying to get notes back to England, which contained details of a new mustard gas that could kill millions.

As you would expect Steve and Diana team up to take on the Germans and have a bit of fun along the way as well.

Wonder Woman Review: It's Not A Blunder
Wonder Woman Review: It’s Not A Blunder

Overall the effects are quite good however;  it does get a bit silly at times in the sense that no living being should be that powerful, especially in the final fight but there are still some epic moments whilst they are battling the Germans.

But all in all, this film was a very pleasant surprise when compared to D.C’s previous films and it’s good to finally see a strong female role in a film, who don’t take shit from nobody.

Now I didn’t want to give away too much so I’ll leave it at that but I do give this film an 83/100, as it’s a must watch for all super hero fanatics, as it has almost silenced all those D.C. critics.

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  1. Good to hear that DC have got a hit on their hands after the flops you mentioned. I expect we will start to see more female superhero films thanks to Wonder Woman’s success.

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