The strongest Living Konoha Ninja In Boruto

It’s still early days in the Boruto franchise with the next generation not even being geinin’s yet therefore, none of them should be considered as the villages elite at this point.

As a result many other ninja from the previous generations are still reining supreme, well for now anyway. As Boruto and his friends story continues the next generation will most likely surpass the previous, just as Naruto’s generation did.

Yes, Boruto and his friends do look pretty tough considering they aren’t even genin’s yet, especially as they look a lot stronger now than what their parents were at that age.

However, they are still not at their parents level. Also for the moment we don’t really know how much their parents have improved since the 4th shinobi war therefore, we will have to decided who the strongest are based from what we do know.


  1. Hanabi Hyuga
Hanabi and Boruto
Hanabi and Boruto

Hanabi is the younger sister of Hinata Hyuga, who has a lot more natural talent than her older sister. Hanabi’s talent is rated so highly she is now the next leader of the Hyuga clan, once her father passes away that is, which was a position originally meant for Hinata. We haven’t seen much from Hanabi but from what we have seen her talent rivals that of the late Neji.


  1. Yamato

One of the only living people who can still use wood release has to be rated as one of the strongest in Konoha still however, we don’t really know how strong just yet. We didn’t see enough from Yamato as he was kidnapped during the last war however, whilst being controlled by the Zetsu he was capable of using the 1st Hokage’s techniques. Yamato is also the man who is entrusted with guarding Orochimaru, which means that he must be at a similar level to him.

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