NBA Live 18 Announced E3 2017

EA has announced at their E3 Press Conference their newest instalment to their NBA series, NBA Live 18 for this year in 2017. Electronic Arts is really nailing down the new games with heavy prominence for allowing players more manifestation on the player’s customization and building their character.

NBA Live 18 has even more emphasis on bringing new interesting details to the game which EA wants to bring to the series. There is a new addition that’s called The One which is something that is an RPG kind of feature. This new feature allows you to play as your own created character where you can modify anything you want with them. As you level up and train, you can become a different kind of class or type of player, just like other RPG’s.

This game also brings back street ball mode which should interest players between standard games and all that. This match you can team up with friends on real life courts from around the world with 5 on 5 street matches.

Everyone will be allowed to play the demo which will arrive quite soon in August although an exact day hasn’t been announced. There will be single player and co –op mode available where you can transfer your data over to the full game on release.

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1 thought on “NBA Live 18 Announced E3 2017”

  1. I wouldn’t really compare “The One” to an RPG because you can’t really look at the positions like classes because they don’t really have a set role in basketball anymore. Either way I know the game won’t sell well because it can’t step out of 2k’s shadow.

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