E3 2017: Ubisoft

Can Ubisoft cause more outrage than Bethesda? Can they actually continue down their path of non-scumminess? 

Here we go folks, it’s time for Ubisoft, Captain ‘We’ll Patch it with DLC’, to show us what they’ve got.

So far what they’ve got seems to be a couple of pretty cringe presenters in their pre-show.

As always stay tuned for live commentary as the show goes on. It’s 5:55 am at the time of writing and I can only hope this chai will give me the strength I need to get through this.

  • I’m saying right now, I’m discontinuing my E3 drinking game. It’s too early in the morning to be drinking on account of some rabbits.
  • Current t-shirt and blazer tally: 3

Marrio+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Unexpected and unwanted switch game #3840. Well, I’ll admit Rabbid versions of the Mario characters are pretty damn cute. It’s Mario XCOM? Yep, it’s Mario XCOM. Due August 19th this year, yes folks the Switch will actually have some games.

Assassins Creed Origins 

In game 4k footage huh? Yep… sure Ubisoft, sure it’ll look like this on release. What is this gameplay being filmed on? Just whoever happened to have their phone handy? Quibbles aside, the use of your eagle to scout and (I assume mark because it’s Ubisoft) is a neat little feature that encourages a bit more planning than past games.

The Crew 2

Does it have an engine? Yes? Then you can race it. I’m trying to figure out exactly what it is that’s different between The Crew and The Crew 2. Seems to be a bit shinier and offers a few more choices in terms of what you can race. Ultimately though it seems to be the same formula of go here and race this.

South Park The Fractured But Whole

Well, it’s really just another South Park game. Seems to follow the formula of the same one of being a South Park game. There’s not much to say about this really. If you played The Stick of Truth you’ve played The Fractured But Whole


An extremely vague trailer points towards a VR horror game that seemingly uses the tried and true method od measuring the player’s heart rate and adjusting the game accordingly.

Skull & Bones

Ubisoft is finally doing what everyone wished they’d do since Black Flag. Making a dedicated pirate game. “A tactical action game” so you will indeed be sinking not only AI ships but also other players in the “PvP disputed waters of the the Indian Ocean”. How exactly you’re supposed to loot when you’re busy blowing it all up I’m not entirely sure but all the same, this looks promising. It’s all the naval combat you enjoyed in Black Flag only boarding appears to be an automatic win if the enemy ship is at a low enough health. Oh, and they have a Kraken.

Just Dance 2018

This section of the presentation shall be delivered through interpretive dance apparently. My interpretation is… it’s Just Dance 2018 version. Just like Fifa it’s the yearly release. I love that they popped a little message up saying that Far Cry 5 is coming up just to make sure people don’t turn off the stream off now.

South Park Phone Destroyer

The Stick of Truth but on your phone.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

A Ubisoft Amibo space dogfighter? Your ship’s design and weapons are determined by what your amibo has attached to it. I appreciate that you can change the loadout on the fly but it raises the question of how one will acquire said load outs? Is there going to be a way to get new weapons without shelling out for the toy? Probably not because it’s Ubisoft. That and it’s not coming to PC so I really couldn’t care less.

Steep – Road to the Olympics 

You thought E3 was just for new games. Ubisoft has decided to advertise the olympics, well good for them. This is just Steep with some extra game modes.

Far Cry 5 

Oh boy, am I having a hard time restraining my excitement about this. At last Ubisoft has moved away from the inexperienced white boy who suddenly becomes a mass murderer with no qualms about stabbing and shooting everyone he sees. You’re playing as a gun for hire and I can’t explain how happy that makes me. Gameplay shows it following the same method as pretty much every other Far Cry game with a dash of Ghost Recon in the form of AI teammates acting as you direct them. It’s Far Cry, it’s what you know and love with some added bonuses. There’s arieal combat, a dog and the ability to wantonly murder American citizens.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

I’ll admit all I really know about this is that a lot of people were hoping this would make an appearance so hurrah and huzzah. The cyberpunk setting looks amazing at least and that has me incredibly intrigued. There’s really no idea given as to what the gameplay will be like, indeed there’s little and less to give players an idea of what to expect.


That’s all folks! 10 games and one pretty average expansion announced. In terms of who’s ‘winning’ E3 this year well… Ubisoft is at least doing better than Bethesda. I’ve a feeling they’ll be handed the crown by Beyond Good and Evil fans who have been waiting fifteen years for another game. Farcry 5 and Skull & Bones look promising and I’d be looking out for those. Well that’s all we have for now

Well, that’s all we have, for now, I’ll be back at 11 am AEST for the Sony conference. Remember, Nerds4lifeblog, the best choice for live coverage this E3.


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