E3 2017: Sony

Largely regarded as the company that’s likely to ‘win’ E3 this year. We’ll be bringing you all the live coverage of Sony’s conference as it happens. Just remember folks, keep refreshing this page to get the updates as they come.

  • Right Sony bought live music, we can all go home, they’ve won E3 hands down
  • Were it not for the title I’d swear I was watching the wrong stream right now
  • 10/10 for the audio there Sony, it’s okay I didn’t want to hear anything from this exciting trailer.

Uncharted the Lost Legacy

Well yep it’s Uncharted. Not much more to say about it really. Could have changed the protagonist and the trailer would have passed for one of the older games.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

It’s Horizon Zero Dawn but… in the snow! Shocking! What a huge upset. Didn’t see that one coming.

  • Only 10 minutes to fix the audio

Days Gone

The game play shown off is, while incredibly lifeless and scripted in that way all E3 game play is, ultimately pretty promising. The protagonist comes across as someone who’s entire knowledge of stealth comes from Assassins Creed games. Can’t deny that the game looks lovely though. The ability to essentially summon hordes with explosions and other loud noises is fantastic.

Monster Hunter World

Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see m- oh nope that’s a gigantic sword that’s bigger than you okay then. And that’s a dinosaur. Here you too can experience incredibly janky game-play while fighting t-rexs and then dragons and then using a mini gun. Why? Because it’s Capcom and logic doesn’t exist in their world.

Shadow of the Colossus 

Normally I’m rather down on the whole remastering trend, feel like it’s a sign of the stagnation within the industry, this one may well be an exception. This one looks pretty exciting,

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

If you’ve played a Marvel vs Capcom game then you know what this is. If not then I’ll explain for those of you who haven’t. It’s all the possible characters Marvel and Capcom can pull together, tossed into a game and told to fight.

Call of Duty: World War 2 

FIX BAYONETS! Honestly just happy bayonets feature in this. The game play looks hectic and intense without sacrificing the CODness of it. You can still sprint headlong at the enemy and not be gunned down immediately but there’s no question of whether or not you’re in a hell of a war zone. Oh and there’s dual wielding because of course there is.

Skyrim VR

Creation Club = paid mods. That’s all I’m saying on the subject of Skyrim and Bethesda until they prove otherwise. Or of course if they happen to show us something that isn’t Skyrim being repackaged for the billionth time.

Star Child

Cyber punk Limbo only you have someone to protect you, a gigantic robot pall to be precise. And that’s literally all the trailer tells us. Spectacular marketing there.

The Inpatient

A horror game set in abandoned mental hospital with a creepy doctor who ‘wants what’s best for you’ because that’s the single most original thing I’ve ever heard of.

Monster of the Deep

Final Fantasy VR fishing. Nothing else to be said really.

Bravo Team

A first person shooter? I got that much from the trailer. There’s really not much more to take away from it.


A puzzler in which you both guide a mouse, opening paths for it to follow through, but also play as the mouse overcoming enemies and obstacles.

God of War 

Venture to a new realm and hack and slash your way through new enemies. Hope you like the look of glowing skeletons because you’ll probably be seeing a lot of them. Gameplay looks smooth and the combat seems pretty tight if a little button mashy for my tastes. A gorgeous setting from what little they’ve shown of it here. God of War is definitely one to keep an eye on, whether you’re a long term fan of the series of new to it with this title.

Detroit – Become Human 

Dystopian/Utopia cyber punk future America? Yeah it’s a crazily overdone setting but damn it all if I don’t love it. Your protagonists are seemingly synthetic human slaves, much like those in Westworld. This RPG tells the story of Marcus leading a ‘android revolution’ against the humans. The trailer promises choices of how to run your revolution and the choices you make changing the world. Taking a violent or diplomatic approach in your fight for freedom.

Destiny 2 

It’s Destiny. The plot is very similar to that of XCOM 2. The bad-ass super soldiers lose the battle but then come back to win the war. Fighting without their original base of operations but rather as insurgents. Otherwise it’s essentially the Destiny fans know and love.


I’m actually somewhat annoyed about this being a Playstation exclusive because the manoeuvrability and range of possible take-downs this game play is showcasing really excites me. There’s a huge emphasis on the versatility of Spidey’s powers. Be it roping from building to building or sending bad guys flying off a building then yanking then back and slamming them to the ground. I’m honestly not sure who’s more of a danger to regular civilians, Spider Man or the bad guys.

Wrap Up

Wow I honestly wish there was less announced. Which might sound odd given that I’m about to complain about a lack of announcments but I’ll get to that in a second. This was, without a doubt, one of the better conferences this year. All round they’ve been pretty mediocre. My issue here is that is was an hour and so much was jammed into that hour that I felt like I barely got any information on anything. We were given glimpses of promising titles, exciting new games and intriguing worlds to play in, then rushed onto the next one.

Now as for what wasn’t announced, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Death Stranding were both conspicuously absent from E3 in it’s entirety. A lot of people assumed that Sony would be presenting them given that no-one else had yet done so.

All the same Sony’s left us with plenty to look forward to in the coming months. I’ll be back tomorrow after Nintendo’s conference to give you the top ten announcements this year and crown our pick, for the winner of E3 2017.

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