Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 Preview: Goku vs Jiren!

The Tournament of Power is finally about to start and from what we have seen so far, Freeza can still not be trusted as he will be working with Universe 6’s Frost, which could literally mean anything.

All the universes have arrived and Goku has already met Jiren, with Goku looking nowhere near his level of power at the moment.

Also from what it looks like, this episode will show the other universes attacking universe 7, as they are highly disliked.

Universe 7
Universe 7

Vegeta isn’t too fond of Freeza but will have to work with him however, it’s likely that thee will be problems between them.

From the preview it also looks as if Master Roshi and the others are starting to get serious, as the fighting begins.

Also this is the episode Jiren and Goku will finally go head to head, so make sure to watch the preview for episode 97 of Dragon Ball Super here:

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